Our mission through early intervention is to provide individualized services to enable young children under the age of three who experience developmental delays to progress toward their fullest potential.  The services of the infant toddler program are provided by qualified personnel at
no expense to families.

Program Goals:

The Early Education Center (EEC) is 1 of 37 tiny-K networks (tiny Kansans) serving special needs children from birth to 3 across the state.  The overall goal of early education is to help the child overcome, or diminish, the delay to allow for an easier transition into future required services.

Our programs are individualized.  Once a child is screened and evaluated, we work with the parents to develop the IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan).

These plans are designed to target the strengths and needs of the family working with their child.

Our services focus on speech and language, fine and gross motor, cognitive, self-help, and social emotional skills, effective parenting skills, as well as assisting with family needs.

The family's choice along with the child's individual needs help determine the selection of services.

Children & Families Served:

The Early Education Center (EEC) is designed to meet the needs of any family with a child under the age of three who is developmentally delayed, has an established risk for delay, or qualifies based on clinical judgment of the team after evaluation.

Our tiny-K services are available to children in Barton, Pawnee, Rice, Rush and Stafford counties.

The professional team that provides the services includes: Early Childhood Special Education teachers, Early Interventionists, Interpreter/Translator, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Infant Toddler Mental Health professionals.

Program Options:

Home-Based Program provides individualized services to children in their natural environment, which includes their homes, daycare setting or preschool, such as Incredible Years Preschool.

All EEC Programs place major emphasis on providing parents the opportunity to become the major participant of their child's total developmental program.  We try to learn "at the feet" of the parent(s) who are the experts on their child.  All of the Early Interventionists and Preschool Teachers are well-trained in the latest Evidence-Based Practices in early childhood development.


          We encourage parents to contact
           the center if they have questions
        concerning their child's growth and
                development or if they are
     interested in Incredible Years Preschool
             for all children, ages 2 1/2 to 5.

       Speakers are available regarding services
                available through the Early Education
             Center and child development in general.

Early Education
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Services Brochure


The services for early childhood intervention are available,
at no costs to families.
See the link above for the Incredible Years Preschool
for preschool tuition/fees.

Referrals are accepted from
physicians, hospitals,
community agencies and parents.
Anyone can refer a child
for a screening.



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