Sunflower Diversified
Services Foundation

Estate Planning and Trusts

Whatever the age or the level of service...

Sunflower's goal is the same - to provide avenues leading to individual dignity, respect and as much independence as possible.

Our Commitment:

- Enhancing people's abilities

- Encourage individuals to exercise their rights, identify their options and make informed choices on their own

- Promoting independence and productivity

- Encouraging involvement in community and leisure activities

- Ensuring the dignity that goes hand-in-hand with a well rounded lifestyle

Please consider a one-time donation, an annual pledge and the advantage of estate planning. Sunflower sponsors estate-planning seminars at absolutely no cost or obligation to you. The tax savings information is invaluable and if you choose to include Sunflower in your estate, that is the philanthropic fringe benefit.

Foundation Trustees

Vicki Batchman - Barton County
John Cross – Barton County
Jane Isern - Barton County
Jim Jordan - Barton County
Dr. Kyle Krebaum - Barton County
Mike Minton - Barton County
Amy Ney - Barton County
Scott Tillotson – Barton County
Joanne Wondra - Barton County

Board of Directors

Travis Thompson – Pawnee County – President
Scott Donovan – Barton County – Vice President 
Edmund Oborny –Rush County–Sec/Treasurer
Lisa Burdett – Pawnee County – At Large

Linda Arthington - Barton County
Randy Cobb - Rice County
Cheryl Conard - Rush County
Julie Spray - Barton County

Your Contribution is tax deductible, please check with your Tax Professional.

Sunflower Diversified Services, Inc.
Is a Non-Profit Organization

If you would like more information about the Sunflower Diversified Services Foundation, please contact Connie Oetken (620) 792-1325 or use the links below.


Make A Donation

Tax dollars are available for many Sunflower services.

However, there is a long list of special needs that can be financed only through private donations. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

- Wheelchair adjustments that allow a person to be comfortable

- Communication devices that allow interaction between a Sunflower individual, their family and friends

- Eyeglasses

- Footwear adjustments that offer comfortable walking

- Dental work

- Respite time for caregivers

- Home modifications for better accessibility to personal hygiene and other day-to-day activities.

- Assistance in moving to more independent living setting

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