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>Who Are Our Community Partners?

Sunflower relies on its many community partners to help provide it's services. 
These partners include:

- Businesses and Manufacturing concerns through who we provide employment opportunities.

- Therapists and Health Care Provides who assist in the meeting those needs of the persons we serve.

- Clubs and Organizations, Churches, and other Community Groups who offer both financial and volunteer support.

- Local Citizens who believe in recycling and who consequently provide both jobs and income for Sunflower and the persons it serves.

- Donors who believe in the Sunflower Difference and who share their resources to support what we do.

Sunflower is able to offer a variety of specific services through a number of these partners, such as:

- Equine therapy through Reins of Hope.

- Recreational activities through the Great Bend Recreation Center.


> Are You Interested in Employment with Sunflower?

Sunflower is always in need of qualified personnel to support individuals with developmental disabilities.

- Sunflower offers a $200 bonus following completion of all required initial training.  Also a $100 bonus following 90 days of successful employment.

- Sunflower offers a competitive wage, with increases annually.

- Sunflower offers a group health insurance plan.

- Sunflower offers a retirement plan in which the agency participates as well.

- Sunflower employees are able to access a number of other medical and dental benefits through programs offered to the agency.

Most of all, Sunflower offers an opportunity to make a difference for people, assisting individuals with developmental disabilities in becoming more independent and productive in their community.

If you would like to find out more about a career with Sunflower Diversified Services, please contact us at (620) 792-1321 or email at SDS-HR@sunflowerdiv.com.


> Can We Tour?

Sunflower welcomes tours at any time.

We believe the best way for the public to better understand the potential of persons with disabilities is to simply visit sites where that potential is being demonstrated.

Because of confidentiality requirements, we would appreciate a call first to set a time for your tour, particularly if it is a large group. However, we welcome individuals who just want to drop in and gain a better insight into the types of services available for persons with developmental disabilities. You will not be disappointed with the information you gain.

Also know that Sunflower staff are always available for presentations to clubs, organizations, church groups, or anyone who just wants to know more about the services we provide. The best way to schedule a presentation is to call (620) 792-1325 and ask for Connie Oetken. Sunflower has a number of speakers available, and we will meet your specific need for information on any topic you wish to explore.

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