Sunflower case managers advocate for the client first and foremost.
Case managers ensure:
  That every client receives and maintains benefits and services that assists them to move forward toward increased productivity and independence yet retain maximum benefit levels.
  Case managers monitor to optimize disability payments and ensure medical benefits remain available while allowing the individual to work and earn to their highest potential.

Case management for MR/DD clients entails
multiple duties.
Assessment to provide the correct level of funding to meet the individualís needs is also a responsibility of case management. This is done with the input of the personís team and family. 
  Tools to monitor the risks of behaviors that the person may engage in is yet another type of assessment. Programs may be individualized to provide protection from legal, financial, or physical harm.
Development of a Person Centered Plan (PCP) gives the entire team a road map of where the individual started, how they choose to live and work currently, and where they may want to be in the future. 
  This ďliving documentĒ requires the input of the individualís entire team, but most especially, the individual. Everything from where they choose to live and to work, how they choose to spend their free time, and any medical issues are considered, discussed and planned.
The PCP ensures that the person and their team are on the right track to support the person in reaching the level of independence, productivity, and inclusion that matches their capabilities and desires.
Locating and procuring natural supports is possibly one of the most critical components of case management.
  Finding non-paid supports in the community to respond to the personís needs is a fundamental requirement to a successful life for persons with developmental disabilities.
  Such things as finding a sponsor at church to locating an agency that provides low cost or free legal representation are areas that case management may research and put into place to help the client become less dependent on paid supports and more included in the community through natural supports.
  While the DD system currently employs a waiting list for services, natural supports prove to be an invaluable asset to the individual and their family.

Finally, case managers with Sunflower Diversified Services believe in the rights and responsibilities of their clients. 
They advocate for and educate their clients to protect and defend their rights, while they remind and prompt individuals regarding their responsibilities to promote growth toward independence.
The job of case manager requires a firm grounding in values and ethics. Each Sunflower case manager demonstrates these core values in every situation and environment. When you see a Sunflower case manager at work, professional should be your lasting impression.


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